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Richard Edgell

In a world of the bland and the indifferent, it is refreshing to discover an honest and reliable craftsman with a flair for his craft and consideration for his clients. Using knowledge gleaned from a period working in Canada, Andrew Chapman can speak authoritatively on the types of wood available and their suitability for a specific project. To this end, his work features in a Grade 11 listed cottage c1485, in the form of a delightful light (French?) oak letter box with ash detailing and a charming woodcut motif of an acorn and leaf (portrayed in Hertfordshire Countryside); a run of dark oak clad bookshelves in the 15th century study echoing the arts and crafts features of a bookcase in the room and a delicate oak tray stand, standing on and harmonising with the oak floor boards of the modern extension. All the items are well used and bring enormous pleasure to the occupants. His versatility will be tested when he assists in the rehanging of the doors of a Rolls-Royce 20 built in 1929!


(If you ask nicely, he will even pump up the tyres on your bicycle!)


Should the above be insufficient an ode has been composed as follows;


“This chippy is a clever chap, with a service from cradle to grave,

Cribs and cots and chairs and spoons emerge beneath his lathe,

Shutters, ring trees, signs and sills are all within his ken,

Barges, kennels, doors and posts, a coop for a pet hen,

Imagination limiting the items made of wood,

He’ll even make a coffin, because he said he could.”


© R.J.Edgell 28.9.11