Why choose hand-made?

Hand made Furniture Vs Factory Produced

Hand made furniture has always been highly desirable and consequently looked upon as something only in the reach of the wealthy. Over the decades these thoughts have pigeon holed handmade, bespoke furniture in the market as expensive and not within budget for the majority of us. Things remained this way for generations until the advent of factory production reduced the cost and made it possible for the masses to own.  Ownership of mass produced factory furniture remains the norm today for most families but there is now an alternative to purchasing from a high street shop, furniture superstore or over the Internet and trying to ‘make it fit’ both your home and your budget.

That alternative is handmade.

Today it is now possible for craftsmen to create bespoke furniture at a cost not too far from high street prices. This is due to improvements in modern machinery, availability of materials and modern techniques allied with traditional skills, making it now within the budget of most individuals or families.

Hand Made Furniture

  • You can design or have it designed for you.
  • You choose the materials and wood types or ask for advice on what would be best.
  • You can select how the work is finished, if you want it oiled, French polished, painted the choice is yours.
  • You can be assured the joints and parts you can't see are all as strong and well-made as the piece of furniture as a whole.
  • Your handmade furniture will be unique, a one of a kind and with this knowledge give you pride of ownership.

Factory Produced

  • Its pre design may not fit the space you intend to put it.
  • The materials the factory made furniture use maybe bought on a budget to keep overall costs down and may not be the right colour, grain, or appearance you want.
  • Furniture maybe "stained to match", have a factory spray finish similar to the techniques used to spray a car, hard wearing but cheap to the touch.
  • To keep costs down factory furniture will use cheap and quick methods of joining, some so new to the market they are not even tried and tested, resulting in short life span.
  • Factory furniture is massed produced and commonly comes in 'a range' not giving you much choice.